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Showreels & Duplication

Misha is a highly experienced video editor who works regularly with TV production companies. He gets most of his business through word of mouth, recommendations from casting directors, agents and editors at the BBC and numerous post houses - and of course actors. Having a showreel made can be a daunting task, but he promises to make the session quick, professional and worry-free, whilst catering to your individual needs.

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A selection of feedback from the hundreds of showreels edited since 2004 (clients receive no incentive to leave feedback):

quote I couldn't have asked more from the service that Pelinor provided. All the material chosen for my Showreel was edited precisely the way I wanted, to a first class standard. Fantastic value for money and the service is cooperative, as well as offering insights and advice on creating a very interesting showreel. I couldn't be more impressed, brilliant company. quote
Connor Williams (Billy Marsh Drama)

quote Within 1 week of having my showreel made by Misha at Pelinor, I had 2 major television auditions. I got exactly what I wanted out of the session and was given excellent advice. I thoroughly recommend this company's services. quote
Philip Oakland

quote I am so pleased with the outcome of my showreel! Thank you for all your input, for giving me such a professional finished product and for making the edit so much fun. I can't thank you enough. I can only say I will highly recommend Pelinor to friends and colleagues alike. quote
Victoria Daniels

quote I had dreaded doing this... more fool me. Everything was just brilliant, advice, precision, speed, I don't know, you name it, it was perfectly done. quote
Polly Frame (Shepherd Management)

quote I needed my showreel edited and was expecting it to be very pricy but found [Misha's] prices to be very inexpensive indeed compared with other companies! The showreel was edited to absolute perfection, not one glitch! - and exactly as I had wanted... absolute bargain and value for money, would highly recommend this service and shall be using again in the future! quote
David Loughlin (Irish Actors London)

quote Absolutely brilliant service. A real pleasure to work with Misha, he has an excellent eye for what works and what doesn't and really works hard to make your showreel the best it can be. quote
Josh Rochford (Rogues & Vagabonds Management)

...and there are many, many more happy customers!


For only £200 you can spend up to 3 hours with Misha who will author your showreel for you, listening to your input at every stage (you can also send in your footage for a remote edit if you prefer). At the end of the session you will have a finished showreel master on DVD (or a digital copy) and a free showreel streaming webpage. Additional editing is only £50 per hour.


You can see some examples of recent showreels here.

Showreels may contain nudity or offensive language.

Michael Byers (JLM)

Katrina Campbell (Galloways)

Thomas O"Malley (Leading Role)

Margo Stilley (Curtis Brown)

William Stew (WDT Davis)

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